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steam cleaner, steam cleaners

Steam Cleaner Machines

steam cleaner, steam cleaners

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The current issue reports on mattress cleaning for the hospitality and healthcare industries and thawing and defrosting tricks of interest to anyone with a refrigerator. Also, don't miss the article on using steam cleaners in commercial health clubs.
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Steam Cleaners Machines - An Overview
Steam cleaners have undergone tremendous changes during the last few years. Traditionally, steam cleaning machines were ideal for removing stains, dirt and other substances. However, these devices did not offer extraction. Therefore, operators were required to use a towel to wipe surfaces after steam cleaning it. While some of the steam cleaners still operate the way, top distributors offer technologies like vacuums and other features to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of steam cleaning machines.

Technological Changes

Suppliers of steam cleaners have been introducing new technologies to improve the performance of the equipment. One such innovation was to add vacuum extraction to steam cleaners. With the addition of the new capability, these machines were able to extract dust particles and impurities from the surface while simultaneously softening these deposits with high temperature steam. This high temperature and extraction duo works effectively to remove entire deposits, leaving surfaces thoroughly clean.

What Are HEPA Filters?

Other innovations have allowed these machines to eliminate bacteria on surfaces and allergens in the air. For air purification, suppliers have been adding HEPA filters to their steam cleaners.

HEPA filters, or High Energy Particulate Air filters, are among the most effective air filters on the market. Most of the filters equipped in machines are not effective at removing small particles. This was a serious drawback as the cleaners could not be used in hospitals and residences of allergy patients, for example, asthma patients.

HEPA filters are designed to absorb even the smallest particles. These filters can extract particles as small as 0.3 microns. HEPA filters consist of small-sized fibers, which are arranged to absorb tiny particles.

Steam Cleaners with Genuine HEPA Technology

A number of steam cleaners in the market are equipped with HEPA filters. But you may encounter terms like true HEPA or closed HEPA filters and HEPA-like filters. What is the difference? Which one is more effective?

In steam cleaners fitted with true HEPA or closed HEPA filters, the filters are placed in the exhaust air valve of the device. That is, the air exhausted from the device pass through the filters. In that way, the filters can stop tiny air particles from being re-circulated in the environment. This effective air purification is ideal for cleansing the air in hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities.

On the other hand, in HEPA type or HEPA-like filters, the filter is not placed in the exhaust valve, and hence these are not as effective as true HEPA filters.

One way to determine whether a steam cleaner has true HEPA or HEPA-like filter is to check its specifications. Only steam cleaners equipped with true HEPA filters will be able to extract dust particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Uses of Steam Cleaners with HEPA Filters

The main use of these devices is in hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities where air must be clean. This is particularly essential for allergy suffers and those suffering from other respiratory illnesses. Dust particles present in the atmosphere may aggravate asthma and allergies,. Steam cleaners with HEPA filters are also ideal for use in hotels and corporate offices.

No matter what facility you are looking to clean, if you are looking for a machine that can both purify the air and sanitize surfaces, a HEPA steam cleaner machine with sanitizing feature is right for you.

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steam cleaner, steam cleaners