May 12

The Best Way to Clean Hoods and Ducts in a Commercial Kitchen

Hood and duct cleaning can be a challenging cleaning application for most restaurants in the absence of a specialized cleaning system to tackle the task. The grease accumulated inside the kitchen exhaust systems can pose major problems to restaurants’ owners and can affect clients too.

Why are Hoods and Ducts Provided?

The key function of the hood and duct is to remove smoke, heat, grease, and vapor generated during the cooking process. Grease can get accumulated in the hood duct work quickly and effect its ability to work at peak efficiency. This is why regular and efficient cleaning of duct and hood is critical for a restaurant’s business.

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Mar 07

Fast, Effective Oven Cleaning: No Detergents and No Mess

commercial oven cleaningThe most common oven cleaning methods have their drawbacks. While going eco friendly is the goal of many householders and owners of restaurants and food service operators, achieving this using regular means seems tedious and requires too much effort. Charred residue of food and baked-on remains is too difficult to remove even when you use detergents, not to mention that detergent residue anywhere near food has an adverse health impact on consumers.

The problem
While domestic users are struggling with their own woes in oven cleaning, commercial users are attempting to eliminate grime and grease from large ovens with days or weeks worth of residual food substances. Aside from potential penalties for unhygienic conditions, the residues inside the oven could lead to reduction in the oven’s performance.

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Sep 23

What Makes a Steam-Based Blinds Cleaning Machine So Effective?

As window blinds continue to be one of the fastest-selling home furnishings, it is no Cleaning Window Blindswonder that the demand for blinds cleaning machine is also on the rise. Compared to the traditional wiping technique, using a steamer for cleaning your blinds is a great way to save time and effort and enhance the cleaning results as well.

 come in different materials, such as metal, wood, cane, plastic, and fabric. Thankfully, hot steam generated by blinds cleaning machine works as a safe and effective cleaning and degreasing power on all these different surfaces. For best results in maintaining blinds, it is advisable to turn to a high-grade portable steam cleaner from reputed supplies such as Daimer®.

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Sep 17

How to Go About Car Interior Cleaning for Getting Odor Free Vehicle Interiors?

Car Interior CleaningVehicle interiors are often grimy, due to the long hours spent on the road. Besides grease and dirt, another problem may be that of odors. If vehicle owners travel with pets, there is pet hair to contend with. That is why car wash businesses recommend cleaning car interiors thoroughly, and the best equipment for car interior cleaning is a steam cleaner, apart from a carpet shampooer.

While a carpet shampooer cleans fabric upholstery, a steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning dashboard and similar surfaces inside the car. Any surface that is handled frequently, including steering components, is likely to be teeming with germs. Vapor steam cleaners remove grime, and some types of steam cleaning machines are very effective in the removal of germs. Some models of car interior cleaning machines have germ elimination mechanism. These machines remove 99.9% bacteria found on car surfaces. These machines are also fitted with allergen removal technology. This technology helps eliminate pet hair, pollen, and other tiny particles that cause allergies.

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Jul 15

Effective Bathroom Cleaning Made Possible With Vapor Steamers

Vapor SteamerWith regular use, bathrooms can easily accumulate lots of dirt, grime, oil, hard water stains, and soap scum. Maintaining the bathroom in a spotlessly clean condition involves cleaning multiple surfaces, such as bath tubs, tiled floors, walls, shower stalls, sliding doors, faucets, shower curtains, and other bathroom fittings. There are also additional tasks like disinfecting and deodorizing the surfaces. To accomplish all these bathroom cleaning jobs with minimal effort and time, it is best to switch to powerful steamers.

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Jun 17

Stone Floor Cleaners: More On the Versatile and Efficient Versions

HSC 13000In places featuring stone floors, cleaning professionals always ensure they use advanced stone floor cleaners to accomplish superior cleaning results. As tile cleaners have been designed to specifically cater to the needs of maintaining tiled floors, machines intended for stone floor maintenance feature the right aspects to get the surfaces cleaner than ever before without exerting too much effort or spending lots of time on the cleaning activity.

Versatility is the most notable aspect of the best stone floor cleaners available from leading distributors. To enable a range of applications in addition to maintaining stone floors, these stone floor cleaners feature adequate flow rates, adjustable pressure levels, and multiple attachments. The durable and advanced attachments make the machines perfect for maintaining walls, hard surfaces, carpets, and upholstery.

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May 07

Rug Steam Cleaners: For Super-Clean Carpets

Rug Steam Cleaners for Super Clean CarpetsCarpet maintenance is one of the most important cleaning jobs in commercial settings, such as malls, retail stores, and restaurants. To ensure impressive premises and professional-level cleaning results, experts recommend investing in high-grade rug steam cleaners available from reputed brands. Featuring rugged construction, quality components and the latest technologies, these carpet clean systems are powerful enough to extract the toughest deposits and stains from different types of carpets.

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Apr 18

Fitness Equipment Cleaning Machines: Perfect for Gym Maintenance

Fitness Equipment Cleaning MachineVisiting a gym for daily workout is now an indispensable routine of modern living. Given all the junk food and stress that people are subject to these days, it obviously makes sense to exercise on a daily basis to ensure a healthy and trim physique. However, what if visiting the gym exposes you to a whole new array of infections? What if the exercise machines are not actually as clean as they appear? Cleaning experts say you can forget these worries if the gym is maintained with steam-based fitness equipment cleaning machines.

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Apr 04

What Kind Of Hotel Room Steam Cleaner Can Complete the Maximum Cleaning Tasks?

Room Steam CleanerHotel room steam cleaner systems look just like any other ordinary steam cleaning systems which use steam for cleaning surfaces. However, if you were to list the number of different types of surfaces you can clean using hotel room steam cleaning machines, you would be amazed at the versatility of these machines. A dry vapor system used for cleaning hotel rooms is different from any machine you would use at home for domestic cleaning applications, although high-end commercial machines are often used by home owners owing to their greater efficiency. The best steam cleaning machines are durable, can operate for longer periods, and feature a range of brushes and accessories that help contractors clean different types of surfaces, from tiles to sealed hardwood.

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Mar 22

Can Fitness Equipment Cleaning Machines Eliminate Germs?

Fitness Equipment Cleaning MachineWhen it comes to fitness machines, gym owners want to ensure that they are not only free of grime but also completely germ free. People know that commercial areas, especially bathrooms, doorknobs and so on are teeming with germs. Therefore, they are concerned about the quality of sanitization in gyms, spas, hotels, restaurants, and so on. If you are a gym owner, you need to invest in good fitness equipment cleaning machines that not only remove the visible grime from equipment, shower stalls, and bathrooms, but also eliminate germs.

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