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Steam Cleaners

Tips to Start a Successful and Fast-Growing Steam Cleaning Business

A steam cleaning business can be the perfect way to give wings to your entrepreneurial dreams. Admittedly, it is not one of those common business ideas that people would like to develop upon, but there is tremendous scope for those individuals who are willing to try steam cleaning as a business.

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Steam Cleaner Machines


Daimer's KleenJet ® Supreme 3000CVP - ATIS ® is one of the most powerful ANTI-BACTERIAL commercial steam vacuum cleaners in our line. Featuring patent pending ATIS ® (Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization) technology, the 3000CVP has been certified by an independent laboratory to destroy disease-causing pathogens and bacteria.

Pressure: up to 115 psi
Steam Temperature: up to 364ºF
Continuous Refill: Yes
Boiler Volume: 5 liters
Water Chamber Capacity: 4 liters
Boiler Material: Stainless Steel
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A Great Business to Shape Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Starting a steam cleaner business presents you the perfect opportunity, as it offers a comparatively low entry barrier as compared to other industries. There is a growing demand for steam cleaning service from various industries but more specifically from restaurants, hotels, lodging and boarding facilities, schools, gyms, old age homes, healthcare service providers, commercial kitchens, and more. If you provide top-quality steam cleaning service with the best steam cleaning machines, you will be presiding over a successful business within a short period of time.

You can start steam cleaner business by investing in advanced steam cleaning machines that can clean various types of surfaces. The best steam cleaning systems available are designed to clean, sanitize, and disinfect surfaces by eliminating germs and bacteria without using chemicals or detergents. This feature can be extremely useful in commercial kitchens, food and beverage industries, and healthcare facilities where use of harsh chemicals and detergents can have adverse effects.

What Advantages Steam Cleaning Machines Offer Over Conventional Cleaning Systems?

  • • Steam cleaning machines make use of ordinary tap water and convert it to create a powerful cleaning and sanitizing force.
  • • Steam cleaning is eco-friendly, as no harmful chemicals are used in the cleaning process. The power of heated steam delivered at high pressure can clean dirt, grease deposits, oil marks, grime, and more effortlessly and quickly.
  • • Steam does not leave behind any toxic residues and will not stain carpets, rugs, fabrics, and upholstery.
  • • As it cleans using very less quantity of water, there is no messy residue left behind.

Steam cleaning business start up can be done according to your available financial resources and capability. You can start on a small scale and then expand operations by adding more machines and manpower. You can begin by offering services, such as carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, tiles and grout cleaning, upholstery maintenance and cleaning of windows, doors, awnings, floors of all types, and exterior cleaning of areas like driveways, patios, brick and cement walls, and more. Advanced steam cleaners can also be used to offer unique but useful services like graffiti removal and chewing gum removal.

Steam cleaners offer an unmatched solution to clean and disinfect mattresses, remove offensive odors and thus create a healthier environment in hotels and hospitals.

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