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Industrial Grade
Steam Cleaners

Why Investing in Industrial Steam Cleaners Can Be a Smart Move?

Daimer's KleenJet® Ultra 5000CVGP is a powerful ATIS® ANTI-BACTERIAL Chewing Gum Removal Machine with unrivaled power and capabilities. The KleenJet® 5000CVGP features Daimer's Patent Pending, EPA Registered ATIS® anti-bacterial technology, which increases boiler performance & efficiency while effectively sanitizing surfaces and killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria, including E-Coli, S. aureus & other harmful pathogens.

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Super Max 7000

DAIMER Super Max™ 7000 Heavy-duty STEAM CLEANER

Daimer's Super Max™ 7000 industrial pressure washer is by far the most popularly purchased wet steam pressure washer purchased by our customers worldwide.

Pressure: 1000 psi
Steam Temperature: up to 330ºF
Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
Power Method: Electric motor
Heating Method: Propane
Operating Time: Continuous use
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Industrial Cleaning Demands Use of Advanced Cleaning Systems

The concept of using steam as a cleaning medium has been around for many years. Industrial steam cleaning machines have evolved dramatically over time and have become more sophisticated. The features and specifications available in industrial steam cleaners from top suppliers make the task of cleaning professionals easy, as they don’t have to clean the surfaces manually. High temperature steam cleans all types of surfaces more efficiently and faster as well.

Using advanced industrial steam cleaning equipment for tackling various industrial cleaning applications can keep your facility clean and spotless. Well-maintained environment at workplace can improve motivation levels of staff members and lead to enhanced all-round productivity.

Why Steam Cleaners Are Preferred Over Other Types of Cleaning Machines?

The best industrial steam cleaner offers numerous advantages over conventional cleaning systems. It not only sanitizes the surface but also removes residue, and it can more easily be used indoors. It is engineered to create super heated steam with very little water content. This jet of hot steam delivered at high pressure can easily break the toughest of bonds between the dirt and surface, penetrate the nooks and corners that are usually inaccessible for conventional cleaners, and dissolve the unwanted deposits.

Industrial grade steam cleaner systems are preferred over other types of cleaning machines because:
• They clean faster and without creating messy residuals, as very little water is used for cleaning.
• It is an eco-friendly way of cleaning, as less water is used and no harmful chemicals are needed for the cleaning process.
• Industrial steam cleaners are versatile and can be used for all types of cleaning applications in various industries.
• They can be used on hard surfaces as well as for spot cleaning of softer materials like rugs and carpets.

With a superior industrial steam cleaning machine, you don’t have to remove these deposits manually by using mops and towels. They have an integral vacuum to do this task efficiently. An industrial grade steam cleaning machine also offers greater degreasing power and eliminates the need for detergents and chemicals. It is important to choose a machine with quality components, stainless steel boiler, and replaceable heating elements to give you the best value for your money.

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