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Steam Cleaner Machines

Leveraging the Power of Professional Steam Cleaners to Clean Faster and More Efficiently

Various types of challenging cleaning applications in industrial and commercial facilities cannot be handled by ordinary cleaning machines and processes. You need a specialized professional steam cleaner with advanced features to tackle the tough cleaning applications successfully. Sophisticated steam cleaners, with their powerful cleaning action, ensure that the job is done without the usual hassles and much faster.

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Porofessional Steam Cleaner Machines


XTreme Power® XPH-9600 industrial carpet cleaner is one of Daimer's top of the line models. It is the perfect answer for those who either do not have the means to buy a truck mounted carpet cleaner, or else want a very powerful portable system with outstanding features and unsurpassed quality.

Pump Pressure: dialed from 0 to 500 psi
Temperature: up to 210ºF
Solution Tank Size: 17 gallons
Heating Time: up to 5 minutes
Drying Time: approximately 2 hours
Upholstery Wand: Available
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Powerful Cleaning Systems Designed to Meet Commercial Cleaning Challenges

Commercial steam cleaners come with various features and specifications, specially designed to deal with the challenges of commercial cleaning. Steam cleaner commercial systems are versatile and can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces. It is a safe and economical way of getting surfaces cleaned. You just have to use tap water, which gets converted into super heated steam that can effectively clean and sanitize the surface you want to use the machine on.

High Temperature Steam Cuts through Grease Deposits Effortlessly

Hot, super heated steam is the main reason why steam cleaning machines are so effective in removing dirt and tough deposits from various types of surfaces. Heat has the capability to degrease surfaces and remove them quickly and without any manual scrubbing. By dissolving grease and breaking its strong bond with the surface, these professional steam cleaners make it easier to remove them.

Modern cleaning machines with the right features can make cleaning applications in commercial facilities easy. It is important to choose steam cleaners with high steam temperature and appropriate pressure levels for the best results.

Machines that Clean and Sanitize As Well

The best thing about professional steam cleaning machines is that it can clean as well as sanitize surfaces. With steam temperatures from the top professional steamer machines capable of reaching as high as 330°F, it is very well capable of destroying all types of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, leaving the surface completely germ-free and dirt-free.

Why professional steam cleaning equipment continues to remain the favorite of those handling tough commercial tasks?

  • • These advanced cleaning systems can clean more efficiently and faster than ordinary cleaning machines.
  • • They are eco-friendly, so you don’t have to add detergents or chemicals to remove tough, stubborn deposits.
  • • These powerful cleaning machines use very less water to clean. There is no messy residual dirt to deal with.
  • • Vacuum steam cleaners obliterate the need to use mops and towels to wipe off the surface after cleaning. With the right steam cleaner, there is hardly any manual effort needed during or after the cleaning process.

The best steam cleaners offer a rugged construction, have high-quality components that ensure enhanced durability, and provide the convenience of portability. They have an advanced design that helps operators cover a wider area and range of surfaces, by using a variety of attachments.

Professional steamer machines have powerful boilers that come with a lifetime warranty and unique heating elements that save you money in the long term. Other features, such as the ability to use the cleaning system continuously, is extremely convenient to the user and also saves time by completing the cleaning application without having to stop for refilling the boiler.

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